Lukashenko and Saakashvili Meet in the Crimea

14.07.2010 09:48
Архив Редакция

During his visit to Ukraine, President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, also met with his Georgian counterpart, Mikheil Saakashvili. The presidents discussed a number of political and economic issues between the countries. The heads of states noted with satisfaction that "civic groups of Belarus and Georgia, the youth and businessmen deepen the dialogue".

Alexander Lukashenko and Mikheil Saakashvili expressed hope that in 2010 Georgia would be visited by many Belarusian tourists. In addition, the parties expect to expand cooperation in the field of culture, Georgia Online informs.

Belarus and Georgia have common interests, Georgian experts

«Georgia and Belarus have common interests in the sphere of politics and economy, relations with Russia», Georgian expert, Giorgi Nodia, stated in an interview to Imedi. According to him, «relations between Russia and Belarus have deteriorated and continue to deteriorate, and the August war (of 2008 — Telegraf) gave it some impetus, because Lukashenko saw the danger in Russia».

According to another Georgian analyst, Andro Barnov, Belarus makes it clear that it intends to integrate with Europe. «Identity of independent states is strengthening in post-Soviet area, and it worries Russia. This is exactly what Russia can not stand, and it causes our problems, problems of Ukraine and Moldova. And Lukashenko himself could not stand it, such a close leader who wants his country to be independent, but also to be friends with Russia», Andro Barnov said.