The Experts Expect the Growth of Belarus' Ads Market by 12% in 2010

21.07.2010 15:39
Архив Редакция

According to regular forecast of ZenithOptimedia international agency, in 2010 in ads market of Belarus there will be observed substantial rise. After last year's decline by 21.4%, this year it will grow by 11.7%.

The most significant increase will be in ads market of Internet (by 20.3%), outdoor ads (15.5%) and ads in printed press (15%). Costs on TV will grow by only 9.3%, radio — by 11.1%, informs.

The fastest growing media channel will remain Internet. In 2009, the advertisers spent 5.9 million dollars on on-line ads, and this year — 1.2 million dollars more.

Nevertheless, prevailing mass media in Belarus is still television. In 2009, TV ads took 60% of all advertising costs. But, according to the forecast, the share of TV ads will decrease to 58% this year.

According to the experts of international agency, there will be spent 1.1 million dollars for contextual ads in Bynet this year, six million dollars for the media ads.

The ads in catalogues, classified ads as well as private ads are not considered in these assessments.