Prokopovich Officially Starts his Work after Illness

23.05.2011 12:21
Архив Редакция

May 18, Chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Petr Prokopovich officially started his work after an illness. This was reported on May 23 in the management of the National Bank. "Last week, Petr Prokopovich held a number of important meetings and conferences, including ... the talks with Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin as well as chairman of the Central Bank of Russian Federation Sergei Ignatiev .., held two meetings of the National Bank," reported in the statement.

«This week, Petr Prokopovich will be busy solving urgent issues of the country’s monetary policy,» the National Bank.

As Telegraf previously reported, Petr Prokopovich had a complicated heart surgery not so long ago. This was reported by the director of the National Scientific and Practical Center of Cardiology, Alexander Mrochek.

According to head of Scientific-Practical Center of Cardiology Alexander Mrochek, the operation was «complicated.» Petr Prokopovich had his valve replaced, but «everything went smoothly,» said the doctor.

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