Internet Regulation in Belarus to Accelerate Its Development, OAC

25.10.2010 14:57
Архив Редакция

The main purpose of regulation of the Belarusian segment of the Internet is "not just the development of the Internet, but the creation of conditions for its accelerated development." This opinion was expressed by Deputy Chief of Operative - Analysis Center (OAC) under the President of Belarus, Vladimir Riabovolov at a round table "Belarusian segment of the Internet: Problems and Prospects" on October 25.

According to the specialist, the role of the OAC Interagency Advisory Council, which includes representatives of government agencies and private operators, will continue to grow, BelTA informs.

Vladimir Riabovolov noted that meanwhile Belarus has lagged behind other countries in the development of the Internet. «However, Belarus has created the organizational, legal and technical conditions for the development of information and communication technologies, which ultimately will provide citizens with access to almost all information of the interest,» OAC deputy head said.

According to Vladimir Riabovolov, the role of the OAC as an independent regulator is associated with the creation of a favorable competitive environment for the development of the Belarusian segment of the Internet and ICT in general. One of the documents, dedicated to this purpose, was the decree № 515, the specialist said.

According to a document, a single republican data network (SRDN) will be in Belarus. The existing data network of agencies should be included in its composition by January 1, 2012. Private companies will be able to connect their networks to SRDN voluntarily. Data network designed to ensure national security, defense and law enforcement won’t be included in SRDN.

The document also gave the OAC status of an independent regulator in the field of information and communication technology, which defines a strategy for ICT development and coordinates the investment projects and draft laws, decrees of the Council of Ministers in the ICT sphere, and regulates tariffs for telecommunication services.

Operative-analytical center must create a republican unitary enterprise «National Centre for traffic exchange» by December 1, 2010, and must identify the order of data networks addition to SRDN and the traffic with the Ministry of Communications by January 1, 2011.

«National Center for traffic exchange will be eligible to pass the international traffic and connection to telecommunication networks of foreign states. The Centre will also provide protection against unauthorized access to SRDN, the interaction of data networks, the organization of settlements for interconnection to SRDN.