State Duma Offered To Unite Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

18.03.2010 11:57
Архив Редакция

The head of one of the key committees of the State Duma, United Russia's member Yevgeny Fyodorov sent to Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada deputies formal proposal to unite Russia, Ukraine and Belarus into a single state. According to the deputy, the new state will unite "regions from the Kola Peninsula to the Crimea, from the Carpathians to Sakhalin, from Bug to Lake Baikal", and Kiev will be the capital of new country.

According to Yevgeny Fyodorov, «supranational bodies, which will merge functions of national governmental bodies» will be created for integration, but this process should culminate in the adoption of the Constitution of the united state.

The MP promised that GDP of the new Slavic state will rise to 30 thousand dollars per person, a life expectancy to 75 years, and the average level of housing provision will reach 100 square meters per family, informs.

Former head of the Presidential Administration of Russia on relations with the CIS Modest Kolerov characterized the State Duma deputy’s initiative as «idiocy».

Author of the initiative believes that the pace of economic growth in Russia will rise half,  in Ukraine and Belarus twice. «We felt that the integration will allow us to overtake the richest countries in Europe on wages, pensions and so on. Ukraine, incidentally, would benefit most of all, becoming the economic center «, — said Evgeny Fyodorov.

In Ukraine, Russian deputy’s offer was apprehended without enthusiasm. «Fedorov’s offer should be considered as part of other initiative aimed at destabilization and separation of the inhabitants of Ukraine, who are already divided along the Dnieper.Perhaps some part of the pensioners in eastern Ukraine will treat that seriously, but others will be outraged, «- thinks MP from the BYuT Sergey Shevchuk.

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