Opposition Preparing to Hold "All-Belarusian Assembly"

26.05.2011 14:47
Архив Редакция

Opposition parties and trade unions of Belarus initiated an All-Belarusian People's Assembly. As explained by the chairman of Radio-Electronic Industry Workers' Union, Hennady Fedynich, on May 26, it is offered to hold meetings all over the country simultaneously from October 8 at which citizens could discuss current socio-economic situation in the country.

«The current situation shows that many people seek help from the unions, but we do not have a single headquarters to coordinate the protest mood of the people,» said Hennady Fedynich.

Deputy Chairman of the United Civil Party of Belarus Lev Margolin, in turn, explained that the meetings are scheduled to voice demands for immediate resignation of the entire leadership of the country, RIA «Novosti» news agency.

«The current government’s twice guilty. First of all, for such a state of economy, and secondly, for having failed to develop anti-crisis program,» said Lev Margolin.

In turn, the head of the party’s organizing committee «Belaruski rukh» Viktor Ivashkevich noted that the objective of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly is to provide the kind of place for a protest for those people «who are now holding meetings in queues, kitchens and workplaces.» «Our goal is to let people see that they are not along, there are a lot of them, as well as to make them stop thinking that nothing depends on them,» said Victor Ivashkevich.

According to the politician, opposition representatives should also take an active part in the forthcoming meeting. «They will have to get in touch with people and show what anti-crisis programs they have already developed,» Viktor Ivashkevich.

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