Opposition Needs Victory in "People's Heads", Milinkevich

12.07.2010 11:48
Архив Редакция

The leader of «Za Svabodu» movement Alexander Milinkevich stated that opposition needed to gain trust of those voters who wanted changes in the country. This is how opposition can win the presidential election. «The victory «in heads of people" is necessary for us», the oppositional politician said.

The leaders of the movement held the meeting with the Homel citizens. At the meeting they presented the ideas of the presidential nominee’s program «We will make Belarus the real Europe!», Alaksandar Milinkevich’s press-service informs.

At the meeting Alaksandar Milinkevich touched upon subjects of internal and foreign policy. In his opinion, now «there are serious threats to the economic sovereignty, however there are also serious chances for changes». The leader of the movement stated that EU wouldn’t change strategy of dialogue with the Belarusian authorities, but, possibly, would correct technique and tactics of this process.

In turn, Viktar Karneyenka, Deputy Chairman of «Za Svabodu» Movement, emphasized that more than one thousand persons had been registered in Alaksandr Milinkevich’s initiative group. As a whole it is planned to collect the group of five thousand activists.

According to Pyotr Kuznyatsou, co-ordinator of «Za Svabodu» Movement in Homel Voblast, Alaksandr Milinkevich is supported by the people in region. In the end of the meeting more than 80 persons asked to join them to the initiative group.