Mozyr Oil Refinery Becomes the Most Profitable Enterprise in Belarus

12.07.2010 17:11
Архив Редакция

In first six months of 2010, Belarusian petrochemical industry worked with profit, despite changing terms of raw materials supply from Russia. The rating of most successful Belarusian JSCs is headed by Mozyr Oil Refinery, its profits amounted to about 185 billion rubles. Net profit of the company in 2009 amounted to a little more than 190 billion rubles (about 65 million dollars).

At the same time, the second Belarusian giant of oil processing in Novopolotsk (Naftan), on the contrary, headed the top-10 of most unprofitable JSCs in Belarus. According to the data of Finance Ministry of Belarus, its losses amounted to 42 billion rubles.

The most profitable JSC in 2009, Russian-Belarusian joint venture Brestgazoapparat, got the fifth place.

Among Belarusian enterprises of chemical and heavy industry, the most profitable in the first half of this year are MAZ, BelAZ, Grodnoazot, Brestgazoapparat, Gomel Chemical Plant, Grodnokhimvolokno. The unprofitable are Belshina, Mogilevkhimvolokno and Horizont, Tomorrow of your country informs.

Among the producers of food there obtained significant profit such companies as Babushkina Krynka, Bellakt, Bereza and Slutsk Cheese Diaries, «Druzhba» Battery Farm, Agrokombinat Dzerzhinsky and others. Krynitsa Brewery and Belsolod proved to be unprofitable.