Lukashenko Finds Attempts of Diktat and Blackmail in respect of Belarus

08.07.2010 16:31
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, stated that current international situation was complicated and contradictory. "States, which do not possess their own energy resources, are forced to make enormous efforts to ensure its independence. Attempts of diktat and blackmail are being made in respect of sovereign Belarus now", he said.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, in the world there are attempts to «revise agreements regarding the postwar world order in favor of geopolitical interests of certain states», the press office of the head of state informs.

The president of Belarus also noted that the effectiveness of mechanism to ensure international security is reducing all the time, there continue the transformation of military-bloc relations. In addition, «the conflicts, arising from political games of contenders for leadership, do not stop», Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.

Alexander Lukashenko declared that 2010 also becomes more complicated because of economic instability. But «created in Belarus political and economic model in these circumstances demonstrates the ability to respond adequately to any challenges», the president stressed. He also added that «no matter what, Belarus adheres to the principle of good neighborhood and respect of the principles of international law in relations between states».

Belarus will provide its normal standing in the world, Lukashenko

As the head of state declared, even in difficult circumstances Belarus can provide a decent standard of living of its citizens, support socio-political stability, social and military security. Bodies of state security are not the least in reaching this.

«You see what is going on around our country, on the border of our country. On the world map, there appeared new independent states, including Belarus, and these states demanded their place in the sun. Some time to pass, and they will be in the range of those states, which will have provided their normal standing in the world», Alexander Lukashenko said, addressing the graduates of military academies, BelTA informs.

«Completed the fundamental transformation in Armed Forces, we care about their further development at qualitatively new level, strive to use innovation in military and military-technical spheres. We do not lower attention to issues of ensuring the security forces with all necessary, we find opportunities to increase social protection of militaries and their families», Alexander Lukashenko noted.

The president stressed that the construction and development of Armed Forces was a complex and permanent process. That’s why the state will continue to provide intensive increase of combat capabilities of the army, maintain the combat readiness of military units.