Customs Officers Take Cars Import by Individuals Under Special Control

16.04.2010 15:24
Архив Редакция

State Customs Committee of Belarus took a decision to intensify control over cars imported by individuals. "Heads of customs offices or people, who substitute them, was given a right to determine the destination of vehicles imported by individuals", told in the SCC.

«For the first three months of this year, legal entities imported five times less trucks and cargo vans with full weight up to five tons over the same period of last year. At the same time, the number of vehicles imported by individuals doubled», informed in the press service of the SCC.

The committee believes that «vehicles for use in business are imported as vehicles for the personal use». The SCC also drew attention to the fact that, while individuals file for customs registrations, they are not to make any additional actions or submit additional documents and written applications.

 «All verification activities carried out within the framework of customs control’s operations. Moreover, the certificate of customs registration shall be issued not later than in one working day, following the day of the customs registration beginning (registration of customs declaration for goods of personal use)», reads the statement of the press service.

The main criterion in determining the destination of trucks and cargo vans will be: a written explanation on the purpose and methods of using such a vehicle, as well as filed documents, explaining the need to purchase cars.

«There also should be provided information about similar vehicles registered on the person and other facts supporting the need for use such vehicles by individual as a personal property», informed in the State Customs Committee, adding that the result of vehicle inspection will be also one of the criterion.

«Taking in consideration that these verification measures can not be implemented at border customs clearance posts, such vehicles will be sent to the departmental clearance posts nearest to the residence. In case of disagreement with the customs’ decision, the person imported the vehicle may apply to Belarusian State Customs Committee», informed in the SCC.

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