Cruel Murder of Women in Mogilev is Detected, Prosecutor's Office

16.04.2010 12:24
Архив Редакция

Prosecutor's Office of Mogilev region declared the detection of cruel murder of two women whose dismembered bodies were found in Mogilev at the end of March. As the head of Department of Information and Public Relations of Belarusian General Prosecutor's Office, Pyotr Kiselev, said, the police detained unemployed local resident born in 1970, which is suspected of committing murder of regional center's residents.

«Supposedly, he killed the two women after drinking alcohol together. Criminal case under Part 2 art.139 of the Criminal Code of Republic of Belarus («Murder committed with extreme cruelty»)» is initiated, the representative o General Prosecutor’s Office stated, BelTA informs.

As Telegraf previously reported, senior assistant of regional prosecutor, Alla Kuznetsova, reported on April 1, that there was no reason to speak about serial cruel murders of women in Mogilev. At that time, the investigators were able to determine that the death of women occurred in the same day and almost at the same place.

«There is no reason to say that murder maniac operates in Mogilev. The investigators do not have any concrete facts to prove these circumstances», Alla Kuznetsova stressed.

With a difference of about a week (March 23 and 31), Mogilev police found two dismembered women’s bodies. The body of the fist dead didn’t have a head, legs and hands, and the second had just backbone with the ribs and pelvis. As investigation found out, the two dead had asocial life.

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