Belgosstrakh and Stravita Are out of Privatization Plan

23.07.2010 17:18
Архив Редакция

Belarusian government excluded insurance companies Belgosstrakh and Stravita, which founder is the Council of Ministers, from privatization plan. There are also excluded 16 more companies. Respective changes and additions to privatization plan were made by the Council of Ministers Decree № 1062, dated July 15, 2010.

In addition to above-mentioned companies, in 2010 there are not subjected to privatization eight previously listed enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture, four companies of Bellegprom, two companies of the Ministry of Transport, Teatralnie Masterskie (Theatre Workshop) of the Ministry of Culture and Mogresursy of Trade Ministry, reported in the State Property Committee of Belarus.

However, in order to attract investment, the plan additionally includes four companies. When transforming these republican unitary enterprises into open joint stock companies, state-owned shares will not be sold on preferential terms for cash and exchanged for Imushchestvo (Property) vouchers issued to a named person.
Moreover, the decree of the Council of Ministers makes changes and additions to the list of open joint-stock companies, created in the process of privatization of property, which state shares are to be sold in 2008-2010. From the list there excluded seven public companies and added two new ones: Design Department of System Programming (Goskomvoenprom) and Baranovichi Sewing Factory (Bellegprom).