Belavia Changed No Flights because of Icelandic Volcano so far

23.05.2011 15:30
Архив Редакция

Belarusian National Airline Belavia has made no changes to the schedule of planes so far due the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn. European flights operate as usual. This is reported by Deputy Director General Ihor Cherginets.

As Telegraf previously reported, the European Organization for the airspace control, Eurocontrol, said that the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland will not have a significant impact on flights in Europe on Monday, May 23.

«No closure of air space is not expected today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday), except for airspace and airport of Iceland,» stated in the organization.

The smoke from the Grimsvotn volcano in the south-east of Iceland, which began erupting on May 21, has risen to an altitude of 20 kilometers. Icelandic volcanologists had previously stated that the eruption would last probably a few days or weeks and not lead to a Europe-wide aviation collapse, as happened in spring 2010 during the eruption of another Icelandic volcano, Eyyafyallayekul.

Volcanic ash poses a serious threat to aircraft, because the particles, getting into jet engines, can quickly pull them down. However Grimsvotn throws much larger  ash particles, which will less dwell in the atmosphere and soon settle down.

Based on BelTA materials

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