Attacks on Lukashenko in Russian Mass Media Is Unacceptable Rudeness, Rubinov

06.07.2010 14:12
Архив Редакция

Head of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, Anatoly Rubinov, expressed his opinion on the movie about the President Alexander Lukashenko, shown on one of Russian TV channels. In particular, the academician is outraged by "continuing flagrant media attacks on the president, on our country", which was named by the Speaker of the upper house as "defamation and insult of all the Belarusian people, intolerable rudeness, blatant imperial pressure on a sovereign country".

«This degree of impudence  and aggressiveness of Russia’s leading politicians, who direct these heinous attacks, cause much stronger feelings than just a surprise. For example, it is quite pragmatic question: should we cooperate with such «TV channels», which set a target to badger and humiliate the Belarusian?», writes Anatoly Rubinov in material published in «SB — Belarus Today».

According to the politician, it is wrong when «to achieve very ephemeral political purposes there used such «weapon of massive destruction» as simultaneous gas and TV attack».