It's Time to Talk Seriously with Russia's Leadership, Lukashenko

14.04.2010 20:07
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President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, on April 14, during his working trip to Gomel region, declared that it's time to talk with Russia's leadership about the prospects of Belarusian-Russian relations. "I think it is time to discuss seriously the prospects of our relations. A lot of questions have accumulated, which are often current issues, we are unable to solve", the President said.

Belarusian leader expressed confidence that Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, «has an understanding of the need to discuss the existing problems in bilateral relations». Alexander Lukashenko is also sure that his Russian counterpart «is very clearly beginning to realize now the mistake of attempt to pressure on Belarus», BelTA informs.

«I think Russia understands that they made a cruel mistake — attempts to pressure on Belarus. It is futile», the President said. «Belarus has proved that it is able to go to other, alternative markets, to create domestic import-substituting production».

According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus does not make sense to quarrel with Russia. «We have no flirts. But if somebody begins to kick and push us in the back — we’re looking for happiness elsewhere in the planet. Belarus is able to get away from energy dependence on Russia on oil and gas. Our recent agreements with Venezuela are the evidence,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

I’m not going to sell any enterprises, Lukashenko

The Head of State does not exclude the possibility that Belarus could go to the sale of any company’s shares. The President noted that now, in conditions of crisis, property prices have fallen down.
«That’s why I do not intend to sell anything. Why? Our companies are working effectively, bringing huge amounts of money for the country. But if someone wants to buy — pay the money, and big money, we will not sell anything for free, so then we would not be reproached by people», Alexander Lukashenko said.

The president of Belarus stressed that we should take into account the fact that there were not only money invested in Belarusian companies, «13 years ago it was a terrible situation, poverty», Alexander Lukashenko said. «People was walking undressed, hungry, the salary was 10-30 dollars a month, there were nothing on the store shelves. And we, in those days, separated money from medicines, to modernize enterprises, because if we have enterprises, products, we sell, have currency, salary — have a life», the President reminded.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, right now, when the enterprises are modernized, then «everybody would like to get hold of them». «I understand that Russians like refineries. Why? They do not have enough? Seems to have enough, but they left behind in terms of modernization. We have modernized our enterprises, created the most modern complexes. Of course, now, the eye looks there», the President said.

One of the arguments of these industries’ attractiveness, Belarusian leader also outlined their strategic location on the way of oil transportation, in the heart of Europe, which provides good logistics. Alexander Lukashenko also added that Belarus is not against selling, but a common interest must be found.

«The interest of Belarusian side is to sell shares at adequate price. We are ready to sell the shares of our enterprises, but for a good price and without any pressure on us. So, if someone respects our people, wants to communicate as human beings, please, come, we will discuss all issues, including the corporatization of enterprises, but only in the interests of our people «, Belarusian leader stated.

I want to understand clearly what Russia and Kazakhstan want from the Customs Union, Lukashenko

Referring to the upcoming meeting with the President of Russia, Belarusian leader believes that its results must be concrete. «What is it, when the Russians introduced the duty on import of oil to Belarus? The second question: why they introduced the duty on oil for us, but for Kazakhstan — a country, which has a surplus of oil — did not introduce, why such an attitude to Belarusians? I think, Dmitry Medvedev understands himself that this is too egregious example», Alexander Lukashenko said.

According to the President, he also plans during a meeting with his Russian counterpart to discuss the prospects of Russian capital’s participation in privatizing Belarusian enterprises. Alexander Lukashenko noted the fact that they will also consider strategic issues of Customs Union development.

«I want to understand clearly what Russia and Kazakhstan want from the Customs Union and what, in this case, our country will have from it. If it will be clear exceptions, duties on oil, gas and so on, then Belarus will half decrease its interest in this Union», the President said.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, he also intends to discuss with the President of Russia the issues of Belarusian products’ access to Russian market. «In principle, it is perfectly clear that the blocking of our products on the Russian market has led to very negative results for the Russians themselves», Belarusian leader noted.

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