Elections Always Give True Winner to Belarus, Yermoshina

24.11.2010 09:07
Архив Редакция

Elections always give a true winner to Belarus. This was stated by  the chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina on November 23. "The fact of non-recognition of elections doesn't prove the winner being untrue: he just doesn't suit everybody," the CEC head said. Lidia Yermoshina confessed of working honestly, since dishonest actions contradict her nature; she's just "incapable of a dishonest act."

Speaking of the possible installing of polling stations with transparent ballot boxes, Lidia Yermoshina noted that this issue should be resolved locally. «If any enterpreneurs want to help, the local executive committees, responsible for the equipment of polling stations, are ready to talk over this issue and accept your services,» the head of the CEC said.

In addition, Lidia Yermoshina reminded that the CEC has created a special budget fund. Funds, received there, will be distributed among the electoral commissions to let them buy the necessary equipment, including transparent ballot boxes, BelTA informs.

Lidia Yermoshina also stressed that none of the Belarusian entrepreneurs applied to the CEC with a proposal to finance transparent ballot boxes installation at the polling stations. «There’s no refusal. It’s a clear misrepresentation of the situation to voters by certain political forces,» the Head of the CEC stressed.

Lidia Yermoshina also noted that due to the large number of candidates, the current ballot papers’ size will be slightly more than usual: about a half of an ordinary sheet. And it won’t be necessarily a single sheet of paper. It’s not so much. Foreign reports show much  bigger «bedsheets» hard to understand. However, this is, of course, likely to raise the costs of the election campaign, as well as the costs of paper and printing of ballots,» Lidia Yermoshina said.

In addition, the CEC does not exclude the need for more boxes   due to the larger papers at the polling stations.

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