There are Direct Reasons for New Belarusian-Russian "Wars", Expert

01.07.2010 11:19
Архив Редакция

Alexander Fadeev, the head of the department of Belarus of the Institute of the CIS countries, considers that Belarus and Russia are on a cusp of new economic conflicts. "There are direct reasons for it. For example there are also infringements of some contracts by the Belarusian party, and infringements of a trade conditions between two states, and infringements of the Russian-Belarusian trading agreements", the expert said.

According to Alexander Fadeev, the given factors will certainly cause a response, and they have already caused. In particular, a number of the Belarusian enterprises delivering dairy products in Russia are already warned about their products discrepancy to the Russian norms. And these products, naturally, will be «stopped» there, «Regnum-Belarus» informs on the words of the expert.

«Probably, other steps will follow also. For example, the next gas conflict can start in the end of the year. The conflict on the duties on oil and oil products does not lose the acuteness. It also a disturbing symptom which says that intensity between Belarus and Russia has not disappeared anywhere», Alexander Fadeev stated.

The head of the department of Belarus of the Institute of the CIS countries also suggested that the given conflicts were used in Belarus before presidential election as a certain electoral resource which allows the Alexander Lukashenka to apply for prolongation of the powers.

Alexander Fadeev noticed that our country had no alternative in the gas question. «Belarus now receives, probably, the cheapest gas in the world. From the next year it will receive gas at higher price, however it will be also cheaper, than condensed gas», the political scientist said.

China is not an easy partner for Belarus, Fadeev

Commenting on Belarusian-Chinese relations the expert suggested that China is an uneasy partner which intended to realise its own interest as much as possible first of all. «Belarusian relations with the China will not ever be the same, as with Russia. Secondly, negotiations on any large-scale cooperation with China are hold for many years, but in practice this cooperation has been promoted very little. For example, what was the result of swap of Chinese renminbi and Belarusian roubles? There were no result. No billions of renminbis came to Belarus. Therefore meanwhile there are only projects. And China will aspire to use in its purposes as much as possible inconvenient financial and economic situation of Belarus», Alexander Fadeev considers.