Sidorsky Hopes For Significant Monthly Increase Of GDP

18.03.2010 15:24
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The Prime Minister expects significant increase of GDP by every month in 2010. The Prime announced that on March 18 during a meeting with Vice-President of the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia, Philippe Le Houerou in Minsk. "This year gives us all reason to significant economic growth and catch up all we missed in 2009," — said the head of government. 

«In 2010 we adopted a development program and are confident that, if it will be no major financial crisis in the partner countries, we can greatly develop year — believes the Prime Minister. — We are confident that system of measures taken by the government will cause monthly gain in GDP growth. » 

Sergei Sidorsky recalled that the first two months of this year GDP increased by 3,5%. The prime minister said the country successfully overcomed difficult 2009 year. Our economy is export-oriented, so we had to take significant steps for development of existing markets for our products, and for development of new ones. In many respects we have succeeded «- BELTA quoted the words of Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said the government adopted an anti-crisis program, which tried to foresee all the issues of economic development, including future perspective. «Results of 2009 show that we have much done without significant resources. For example, the GDP of Belarus increased by 0,2% in 2009. Great strides made in investment attracting. All this happened against the backdrop of economic liberalization and the business climate improvement», — said Sergei Sidorsky. 

Work with the World Bank is very important for Belarus, Sidorsky.

Belarusian prime minister said that international structures, including the World Bank and IMF provided substantial assistance to the country in matters of economic liberalization.  «We value our work with the World Bank, especially in the socio-economic development. And ongoing consultations with experts of bank are also very important for us «, — said Sergei Sidorsky.

The Prime Minister said that in frames of current visit of World Bank experts in Belarus the sides will sign several documents relating to the development of housing and communal services. «This is a good plus to those programs that exist today: energy efficiency, Chernobyl program, social», — told the Prime Minister.

The World Bank looks forward to further deepening of partnership, Le Houerou.

Vice-president of the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia, Philippe Le Houerou said that the bank has expanded the opportunities for financial support to Belarus and looks forward to further deepening of the partnership.

«Partnerships is based on trust. Belarus and the World Bank have been partners for over ten years. We are very pleased with the results and hope that over next ten years of cooperation, they will only improve, «- said vice-president of the World Bank.

According to Philippe Le Houerou, the Government of Belarus for past ten years could provide «an economic growth that is closer to China than to the European and significantly reduced poverty in the country.»

«I see that our joint projects are working very well. This is a sign of high-level administration of the country, which is an important element  for private sector development», — said vice-president of the WB.

Referring to the further development of Belarus, Philippe Le Houerou suggested that republic’s economic development strategy is»correctly oriented». «Maybe we can help you to achieve planned aims,» — added the vice-president of the World Bank.

March 18,  seminar of World Bank specialists, government members and representatives of several ministries of Belarus is held in Minsk. «At the seminar we will discuss the problem of returning to the high rates of economic growth, performed in the last ten years», — summarized Philippe Le Houerou.

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