Price of Pork Rises Again in Belarus

07.06.2011 13:31
Архив Редакция

June 8, Belarus once again raises the marginal cost prices of pork. Resolution № 87 of the 10% price increase was approved by the Ministry of Economy of Belarus on June 6. Thus, the maximum wholesale prices of the first and second category pork will rise up to Br11.45 thousand per kilo, the third category — up to Br10.69 thousand per kilo.

The document also amends the Decree of Ministry of Economy № 65 of April 27, 2011, AFN.

According to Telegraf, Decree № 65 of the Ministry of Economy has increased beef prices by 10%, pork — 8%. The decree provides that «economically sound change of wholesale prices is made within 0.7% per month, not exceeding the limit selling prices.»

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