Charlatans Speak of Belarusian Rouble Devaluation, Lukashenko

12.11.2010 16:20
Архив Редакция

There won't be any devaluation in Belarus in the near future. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko, communicating with the residents of Barysau. "Who's raised this issue? It's been raised by "charlatans", who feel better when the country gets worse. Devaluation is out of discussion. We'll let you know about this currency corridor," the president said.

«But I want to warn you. You see what’s happening to the dollar. Today, «The Big Twenty» meeting has been held with the issue of currency wars on agenda. The Americans have decided to support their economy and infuse at least $600 billion into it. Currency devaluation usually takes place in such cases. So be careful with that dollar. I have warned you,» the President said, BelTA informs.

According to him, the state loses nothing of the fact that some citizens have been actively buying up the currency, as they bring it back to banks anyway. He also added that the stability of national currency is confirmed by the growing volume of currency and gold reserves. «We will open national reserves and show the saved up gold,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

He also said that the Belarusian economy had been least affected by the global economic crisis.  So the country will be able to quicker get out of it.

Devaluation has Already Begun, Bogdankevich

At the same time, the former head of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdankevich believes that the devaluation has already begun. «There is a slow devaluation due to external deficit, which has already amounted to almost $6 billion,» ex-chairman of the main Belarusian bank said.

According to him, it’s not worth expecting a landslide of devaluation, as it was on January 2, 2009, for today there’s a possibility for smooth processes, though «there was not such a necessity then, too,» the website UDF.

«Now there are $5-6 billion in reserve, it is possible to privatize large Belarusian enterprises. I think there will be no collapse in six months period. Although it’s up to the power to choose a certain action line,» Stanislav Bogdankevich said.

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