Warming Comes to Belarus on March 19, Forecast

17.03.2010 15:21
Архив Редакция

Warming is expected in Belarus on March 19, informed in Belarusian hidro-meteorological center. According to forecasters, Friday will be a crucial day. When warm and moist air masses come from the Atlantic, the temperature will begin to rise and reach -2 .. +4 ° C at night, and +1 .. +8 ° C during the day, up to +10 ° C on the south-west of Brest region. 

March 19, precipitations with rain predominance are forecasted. In some areas, the fog will thicken, and roads will remain sleet at night, reported in Belarusian hidro-meteorological center.

Nevertheless, on March 17 and 18, the weather will remain frosty in all the country under the influence of unstable cold air masses and weather fronts moving from the Baltic Sea.

On Wednesday, March 17, there will be scattered snows on most part of the country. At night and in the morning there will be weak fog in some places. Some parts of the roads will remain sleet. In the afternoon, the wind is north-west, changing to the south-west moderate. Temperatures at night -5 ..- 12 ° C, to -15 ..- 20 ° C if clearing, -5 .. +2 ° C during the day.

On Thursday, March 18, the frost will go down little by little: it is expected -3 ..- 10 ° C at night, -13 ..- 18 °C on the east, 0 ..- 2 ° C on the west; -2 .. 5 ° C during the day. Frontal section, moving from Western Europe, will result snow, sleet changing to rain in the afternoon, in many areas of the Republic. There will be fog, ice, sleet on the roads. The wind is south-west moderate.

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