This System's Wall should be Broken, Niakliaeu

23.05.2011 14:19
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The system, existing in Belarus today, has completely outlived itself. It is a wall, preventing further development of Belarus. This was stated by the leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth!", ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu at a press conference on May 23. "It's time to break through this wall," he said.

«We need to build democracy in our lifetime. And there are all the conditions for it,» the politician said, reports Telegraf.

According to the ex-candidate, neither the authorities nor the population link the economic problems, arisen in society after the elections, with political prisoners. «Meanwhile, the first social explosions can occur within the next six months. And we must be ready for this,» he said.

«Tell the Truth!» Has Weighty Reasons to Become Party, Niakliaeu

The politician said that the plan to create a party based on «Tell the Truth!» had been developed before the elections, but it was decided to postpone. «The problem is that all the documents, prepared by us for registration as a political party, are now in KGB,» he said.

«I did not expect that the Belarusians would support me to such an extant, given how rational Belarusians are,» Vladimir Niakliaeu.

He also touched upon the issue of SOEs participation in the parliamentary elections. «Either all are involved or none at all. Either a complete boycott, or not. But it is not easy talk about participation in elections today when the courts are going and there are political prisoners,» he said.

The politician said that the only way out of the crisis is dialogue between the opposition and the authorities. «Then the situation will develop by the Polish scenario, otherwise — by Romanian. It is understood even in KGB, but they refuse to understand. Apparently, it’s not the time,» he stressed.

Lukashenko didn’t Expect Square, Niakliaeu

The leader of «Tell the Truth!» noted that the government did not expect people out on the Square. This, as he says, explains the Square crackdown and further developments.

He said that Square planned to establish a «Belarusian People’s Movement» for the elections without Alexander Lukashenko, to adopt a resolution on unfare elections, scheduled to transmit to the Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky in the House of Government on Independence Square. «Passing from Kastrychnitskaya square through the small park (to the president’s residence — Telegraf) would mean shooting people down. We could not take such a step,» the politician said.

Political Focus of «Tell the Truth!» to Rise, Vozniak

Sergei Vozniak, also part of the campaign leadership, said that political emphasis of «Tell the Truth!» would increase. Because, he says, it is necessary to explain to people that «the queue for buckwheat and problems with democracy, political prisoners are interrelated.»

«We’d like to show people that democracy is the distribution of obligations, rather than placing hopes on one man,» said deputy chairman of «Tell the Truth!» Andrei Dmitriev.

In this regard, the organization intends to launch a campaign «100 questions to the Government,» whose aim is to work with people, negotiating with the government, as well as with the main political player — Russia. «We need to engage in dialogue,» said Vladimir Niakliaeu, noting that Russia is more interested in dialogue not with the opposition, but with the Belarusian nomenklatura.

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