Sauna-Brothel Was Open for Seven Years in Minsk

14.04.2010 13:24
Архив Редакция

The officers of department of morality and human trafficking counteraction of MIA (DMaHTC) closed sauna-brothel in the capital, which was located on Lynkova street. Criminal case initiated under part 1 and part 2 article171 of the Criminal Code (use of prostitution or creation of conditions for prostitution) against the administrator of this sauna.

According to DMaHTC detectives’ data, the brothel was opened and enjoyed steady demand from mid-2003 in UE Vaktop sauna.

The brothel’s work started from two or three girls. But then, with the increase of demand for sexual services, this business began to grow and the number of women, working in the sauna, increased. In 2008-2009, the number of girls increased and the business of providing sexual services in the sauna flourished, Ezhednevnik informs.

According to DMaHTC officers, there were more than 15 girls in sauna staff. Regarding to the day of the week, there were from three to ten clients enjoyed sex services in sauna-brothel.

Law enforcement agencies interested in the activities of the capital’s sauna after this institution’s administrator got great connections abroad and began to build the supply chain of Belarusian girls in foreign brothels.

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