Russia Has Big Problems with Belarus, Stepashin

07.04.2010 16:40
Архив Редакция

The head of the Russian Audit Chamber, Sergei Stepashin, noted that there are certain difficulties in the work of the Customs Union. According to the head of the Chamber, "if Russia has no problems with Kazakhstan, then there are such problems with Belarus".

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarusian Ministry of Justice in the court demanded that Russia cancels export duties on oil products and Russian petrochemical raw materials supplied to Belarusian refineries. The respective petition was sent by Ministry of Justice to the Economic Court of the CIS, which serves as the EurAsEC Court and from July 1, will serve as the court of the Customs Union.

According to First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Igor Shuvalov, the CIS Economic Court will not have time to take decision on a Belarusian lawsuit to Russia on levying customs duties on oil products before the formation of common economic space and abolishment of customs duties.

Igor Shuvalov emphasized earlier that both states have to look for real outcome of the situation, way out to positive development, but not to return permanently to the controversial positions which hamper in progress.

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