Putin Needs Peace. And the Whole World

08.04.2010 16:02
Архив Редакция

We will not try to predict scenario of new FSS operation "Return 2010", but the main reasons for this costly measure, which does not give Russia any democratic charm according to world public opinion, should be emphasized.

Pavel Shapovalov

Did you read the article in today’s Pravda?
No, I can not retell it. It is not a phone conversation.
(Anecdote of Perestroika times)
Intelligence service has their own way to check a human on manic addiction. The tested is offered to answer the test riddle: «At the funeral of her mother, a girl sees a handsome man and falls in love over the hills with him. A week later, she kills her sister with no reason. Why does she do that? «. If a person with normal mental state of mind issues a response with various theories on the handsome guy relationship with girl’s sister, or sister’s fault in their mother’s death, all the maniac psychopaths respond the same way: «To further meet this man at her sister’s funerals».

Here’s another test: a poll, conducted by Russian Institute of Public Opinion in connection with a decade of apartment’s bombings in Moscow, showed: if 10 years ago, 65% of the population of Russia totally rejected the possibility of security services’ involvement in this terroristic attacks, now, only 57% of Russians completely rejected the version that FSS organized the bombings,. And it’s after 10 years of total pro military propaganda in Russian mass media.

Then, 10 years ago, the supporters of the Federal Security Service’s version explained the interest of special services to destabilize the country with specific purpose — the need to ensure Putin’s victory in presidential elections. The people did not believe in sadistic logic of its own security service. But it seems that after  mysterious murders of Mikhail Gutseriev’s son and mother of Evgeni Chichvarkin, which single purpose was to «invite» the businessmen — who are under investigation — for the funeral, Russian «specialists in internal security» have proved that they are lead by, precisely, the logic of maniac psychopaths. And that’s why, after the explosions in Moscow metro, the version of the «FSS hand»  appears almost as the first, and did not cause any rejection of the masses.

However, the Russian media is still not ready to say this version aloud. They have to pronounce it in the minds of their own reporters and editors, but «Putin vegetables» Gryzlov and Mironov find this version even there. What for have these «party leaders» attacked Moskovsky Komsomolets and Vedomosti with critics and accusations in collaborating with terrorists?

Not for what Minkin said in his article. Minkin had even more critical expressions. But for what Minkin did not say. «It can not be pure accident that both explosions occurred at the stations, but not in the tunnel … At full speed, it is more possible that the cars would derail. The cars would be crumpled, the doors closed, there could be hundred of times more victims», Minkin writes. Detecting a unique and anomalous regularity, the journalist gives not less an anomalous interpretation: «But the two explosions occurred at the time of the stop, at the time of doors opening. What is the explanation — I do not know. But it is not an accident — it is clear».

Well, dear reader, «you should think yourself». Imagine, who needs the explosions in the center of Moscow with a strictly regulated number of victims. If there are 40 victims — it is an occasion to give law-enforcing agencies additional powers to implement all-out censorship on terrorist attacks describing in mass media. And the process has already begun due to the legislative initiative of United Russia member, Robert Schlegel. According to Minkin, if there are in hundreds of times more victims, so, counted in thousands — it is a pretext to disband FSB and other security services, to confirm that authorities’ policy in the Caucasus is complete failure, and the vertical power structure is a fatal mistake in the country’s history.

Even «vegetable consciousness» of Gryzlov and Mironov allowed them to think out for Minkin and rush to defend their godfather — Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. If we assume that the explosions is FSS work, in fact, then it is nothing else than the use of the scheme, proven 10 years ago, which means the beginning of Putin’s return to the president chair. That is what his closest comrades — exhausted with concrete work,  that the Chief of Executive brunch obliges them to do — dream about.

Now, the bullying on Vedomosti is understandable. The clue in this case seems quite ridiculous. Gryzlov cavils at the title «Revenge for the Caucasus», as if the station was blew up by the Chechens, it could be a revenge for the Sayan-Shushenskaya HPP or customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan. Vedomosti did not blunder in the title, but in analyzing the behavior of the powerful tandem right after the explosions. Describing the actions of Putin and Medvedev, Vedomosti summarize them with not the most correct statement: «In fact, it turned out that Medvedev has made all the organizational work, characteristic for the government, and Putin gave a detailed assessment of the events as a politician». «As President», Vedomosti should say, but Gryzlov with Mironov are reading between the lines. And blame aloud Vedomosti of supporting terrorists, but in their thoughts, that beforehand exposed the scheme of their boss, Putin, return for the presidency.

We will not try to predict scenario of new FSB operation «Return 2010», but the main reasons for this costly measure, which does not give Russia any democratic charm according to world public opinion, should be emphasized.

As always, the base for that is personal offend and money. Premiere’s chair is quite comfortable, and even constitutional, but it’s extremely uncomfortable for Putin. That’s kind of Procrustean bed. You want to move your head in one direction, then put your hand on something especially valuable, but you have to fit completely into a chair. Prime minister post continues to provide total power for Putin in Russia, however, rules him out of participation in the global get-together. Which appears in the G8 form, then in the G20, if not in the form of personal meetings with the presidents of the United States or China. Let’s say, move Putin back from events where major World Money is sharing. Due to the business, Russian Prime Minister should sit where kickbacks for the enforcement of constitutional order in Chechnya and bauxite processing in Pikalevo are being shared. It means, near the hundreds of millions. And hundreds of billions, which are discussing during G8 and G20 meetings, and which are more usual for the calculator, built into the head of Russia’s former president, pass by.

Meanwhile, from the financial cushion represented by Gazprom — Rosneft tandem — created in the years of the presidency — feathers are flying in all directions. Rosneft faces arrest of all dollar accounts, and it had nowhere to sell the only product — that is able to produce, the entrance to the U.S. market is closed for Gazprom, Shtokman field was a bluff. The same can be with the Northern and Southern streams if someone, who for some reason sitting in his, Putin, president’s chair, could not stop the decrease of Russian gas purchasing at overrated prices by European consumers.
It is notable, that Vedomosti, attacked by Gryzlov, less than a week after accusations of supporting terrorism break out a sensational article, «The enemy of modernization», where accuse Gazprom of unproductive use of money, production cuts, failure of all new projects, buying non-core assets. In fact, in bringing Russia’s gas industry into pre bankrupt state. It’s time for Gryzlov to blame Vedomosti of supporting the world’s gas giants, Petrobras and PetroChina, whose smart investments are compared by Vedomosti with activity of «effective Gazprom management». Because of political shortsightedness, it’s not in favor of the last.

It seems that Russian press came out on the trail of war, declared by Putin. And opposing to the 10-year-old events is not ready to sit in the trenches. So, it sees another force, alternative to Putin. And Putin’s war for the return to the power would not be a copy of small victorious 1999-war. In 2010, they are not going to bump off scary bearded Wahabis in toilets, but Chechen women, who had already wrapped themselves with explosives and blew them up. And it’s much more difficult to call the people for such kind of war. It is not popular war. Not a holy war.

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