Minsk Authorities to Earn on Bonds Issue

18.03.2010 12:47
Архив Редакция

Minsk City Executive Committee plans to issue bonds of local loans to the end of March. It was reported at the 18th Minsk City Council session by the Head of Financial Department, Alexander Kernozhytsky. "In connection with the budget classification's transformation in Belarus, respective changes are made in income indicators of the capital", said the head of department. 

According to Alexander Kernozhitsky, to pay securities’ interest, Minsk City Executive Committee stipulates funds amounting to 20 billion rubles. «The elaboration is already worked out, the investors are assigned», said the official, reports Minsk-News. 

Minsk authorities are planning to issue bonds of local loans at 100 billion rubles. Minsk City Executive Committee promises to pay bonds securities’ interest every quarter.

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