Lukashenko Must Extradite Bakiyev, Otunbayeva

21.04.2010 17:21
Архив Редакция

The head of the provisional government of Kyrgyzstan, Rosa Otunbayeva, said that the people of Kyrgyzstan can not react positively to the arrival of president Kurmanbek Bakiyev in Belarus. According to Rosa Otunbayeva,  the president to have the death of many people on his conscience". "The criminal must be extradited to Kyrgyzstan", the chairperson of the provisional government said.

Belarus has s right to determine whom to host, Rosa Otunbayeva noted. «But all those people who have suffered from him, believe that there should be no corner of the land, where this sadist may be received», the head of the provisional government of Kyrgyzstan stressed, Interfax reports.

Rosa Otunbayeva expressed the hope that according to the outcome of international investigation, Belarus will extradite the president to Kyrgyzstan. «Belarus is a member of the CIS, and within the CIS there is the Convention on mutual assistance on legal issues and legal aid», the chairperson of the provisional government stated. «It is necessary to respect the legal norms within the organization».

«If, however, Belarus does not extradite Bakiyev, then, finally, there is Interpol», Rosa Otunbayeva said, noting that there is no period of limitation for the responsibility for such crimes as shootings of civilians on April 7.

«Furthermore, in Kyrgyzstan, there have begun to record all crimes of Bakiev’s regime and now there are plenty of materials on the ousted president, which government may bring before the court», Rosa Otunbayeva underlined.

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