Chinatown To Appear In Minsk

24.03.2010 13:39
Архив Редакция

The city authorities plan to build Chinatown in Minsk. It was reported by the acting chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Nikolai Ladutko at a meeting with the leadership of the Chinese company Beijing Uni-Construction Group Co., Ltd, which is one of the largest developers in the world. 

Regarding other projects, Nikolai Ladutko stressed that the Minsk city executive Committee is interested in acceleration of construction of the Lebiazhij district of Minsk.

«For two years we passed a long way to establish organizational and technical cooperation. So now the project should be implementing faster. Your powers should be already on construction site in 2010»,- the official said.

Acting Chairman of the Minsk city executive committee also reported that a hotel «Beijing» is planned to build in capital, and does not exclude the possibility that Chinese experts will engaged in reconstruction of the stadium «Dinamo», according to BelTA.

Nicholai Ladutko stressed that for many years, Belarus and China have consistent relationship. According to official, leaders of the two states played the most significant role for that.

«Despite the disparity in population and financial opportunities, we arranged equal relations of long-term nature,» — said the Acting Chairman of the Minsk city executive committee.

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