Belneftekhim Increased Gas Prices

23.05.2011 12:00
Архив Редакция

Belneftekhim raised selling prices for diesel fuel by its order № 186. Thus, the new prices entered into force on May 21 being 2% higher. Wholesale prices for diesel fuel to be loaded for the production of biodiesel increased by 5%.

As Telegraf previously reported, a spokesman for Belneftekhim Marina Kostuchenko stated that Belarus could make gasoline more expensive, if the «certain causes match with certain conditions.» As the specialist notes, «an increase or decrease in prices is not a planned action.» «However, it does not exclude the possibility that the prices will really change soon.»

Marina Kostuchenko recalls that rumors of the price increase occurred in April but had no results.

Earlier Belneftekhim gave the reasons that could cause a price rise. They are the commodity price increase, the imbalance in prices with neighboring countries, the tax burden in the form of excise taxes, increased tariffs for electricity and gas, as well as transportation costs.

In April, gasoline in Belarus went up by 23.2%. This is the most significant price increase among non-food items. Motorists have repeatedly held actions against the fuel price hike.

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