Paper Shredding in Fort Collins

11.09.2020 22:55
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Shredder security levels

This indicator determines the ability to recover data that was destroyed by a shredder. So, the lowest degree of protection (DIN1) implies cutting paper into large strips 7-12 mm wide, the length of the entire sheet. It is not difficult to recover information after DIN1 shredder, even manually. Shred Monster offers residential and commercial shredding, document shredding near me, and paper shredding in Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and more Colorado areas.

The second protection class is DIN2. This compact tool creates stripes 6 mm wide. It is used most often in offices where the destroyed information is of little value. The container capacity varies from 30 to 70 liters. It is difficult to recreate cut files, but real.

The third class of protection is DIN3. Here, not only longitudinal but also cross cutting is used. Also, there are stringent requirements for the size of the crushed particles (the area of ​​the fragment cannot exceed 320 mm2). One sheet is divided into about 300 pieces. Recovering information is extremely difficult. This level of secrecy involves the destruction of accounting records, commercial offers, various invoices, etc. It is possible to restore the destroyed data only using special programs.

The fourth protection class is DIN4. The most versatile and most popular protection level. The limiting fragment size is 30 mm2. Such an efficient cutting mechanism is chosen for the destruction of confidential documents, bank agreements, reports, etc. files. Most often, such devices are used by special services to destroy work files. Only a recovery wizard who knows not only what the paper shredder is called, but also knows how to use professional programs for the restoration of documents can read the «cut» data.

The fifth protection class is DIN5. Total shredding — 1 sheet into over 2000 pieces. The width of each fragment does not exceed 0.8 mm, with a maximum length of 12 mm and an area of ​​10 mm2. Such machines are used to destroy files with a «secret» stamp. For example, these can be documents with information about strategic plans or studies. Recovery is almost impossible. Unofficially, there is also a 6th level of protection — DIN32757-1. It is unrealistic to restore such materials even partially. The fraction size does not exceed 5 mm2. A regular A4 sheet is crushed into 10,000 particles.

How to choose a document shredder with maximum functionality?

To do this, you should pay attention to such little things as additional gadgets:

  • the presence of rollers (they will help to quickly and effortlessly move the shredder around the office);
  • pull-out basket (will help to simplify the process of garbage collection);
  • viewing window (allows you to control the degree of filling the basket);
  • indicators (additional screens can be located in the shredder housing to monitor its operation);
  • the presence of a cover lock (you can set a pin code on it for additional security of documents).

Also, some models provide such functions as autostop / autostart, sheet return (if it is not completely destroyed), auto shutdown in case of failures, and overheating.

Fort Collins Shredding Services

What if the shredder has destroyed an important document that the user needs? Most often, papers cut with a shredder of 1 and 2 types of protection are subject to recovery — it will not be difficult to put the strips together, even manually. The main thing here is not to mix a large number of elements with each other. Protection type DIN3 and above have cross-cutting and crush files into a bunch of small particles, due to which it is extremely difficult to recover documents. This is possible only if special equipment is used, which assembles a complete picture like a mosaic. If the cut particles of one leaf are mixed with a bunch of others, you can forget about restoration. 5 and 6 levels of protection are not amenable to restoration. Call Fort Collins Shredding company Shred Monster. We paper shredding and recycling, and hard drive destruction in Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and more Colorado areas. An interesting fact: in Europe, there are special professional services for the restoration of documents after a shredder. These companies make thousands of dollars per order.

Where to choose and buy a paper shredder?

In the online hypermarket «BumCenter» you will find a huge selection of banking, printing and office equipment, including high-quality shredders. We offer certified branded products at low prices, prompt delivery in Moscow and all over Russia, mandatory warranty service, and pleasant service. Our experts will advise you for free on any issue, tell you how to choose a shredder and what should be taken into account. Here you can also buy goods in bulk.