Venezuelan National Figures Opposed Visit of "The Last Dictator OF Europe"

17.03.2010 18:10
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More than 400 prominent figures of Venezuela, known as G400+, signed a letter of protest against the visit of President of Belarus, whom they call "the last dictator of Europe". "His arrival only confirms the fact that dictators have come together to legitimate their actions," — reads a letter, that the group referred to the Venezuelan media.

Prominent figures of the South American country signed the letter stating, that Lukashenka has much in common with Venezuelan president.»Both began their political careers with the slogan of struggle against injustice, poverty and corruption, but after coming to power, only contributed to the spread of social ills in breadth and depth,» — said in the letter, said inoSMI.Ru informs.

The authors indicate in the letter that «both leaders manipulated the law to extend their rule.» Lukashenko and Chavez relentlessly talk about human rights, but actually violate them. They surrounded themselves with those promoted persons, enriched by proximity to power «- reads the letter.

«The two presidents perform constant harassment of opposition leaders. The democratic community of the world refers both to the category of repressive regimes due constant human rights violations, actions against non-governmental organizations, independent journalists, the media and opposition politicians» — note the authors of the letter.

Agreements signed between Venezuela and Belarus should be condemned.

The group G400 + point in its letter that the above mentioned reasons explain why Hugo Chavez and Alexander Lukashenko  get along with each other. The undersigned members of the group stressed that agreements signed by the Government of Venezuela and Belarus are highly inappropriate and «detrimental to the highest interests of our country, and therefore to be condemned. » 

«The Liberator Simon Bolivarnever missed an opportunity to declare that the highest pride for him was to be a citizen of Caracas. The fact that Belarusian dictator was called the honored guests of our city, is a shameful fact,» — said in the letter.

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