Used Cars Fall in Price Sharply in Belarus, BAA

12.07.2010 10:19
Архив Редакция

In Belarus, used cars fell in price by 10-15% in May-June of this year. Next six months, no increase in prices for these vehicles expected. It was told by the chairman of Belarusian Automobile Association, Sergei Mikhnevich.

The majority of people imported cars to sell them in Russian market. «However, when in May it became known that Russia would not let them get in, it crumbled Belarusian market of used cars. From that moment, prices of cars, imported by individuals, went down», Sergei Mikhnevich said.

Since the offer of used cars is much greater than the demand, now, it is not so easy to sell such vehicles in Belarus. At the same time, in near future car prices on previously imported cars are likely to continue to fall, as many cars were bought using credit resources, and apartments were mortgaged for these purposes, BelTA informs.

In the first half of the year, about 60 thousand cars were imported from Europe. Since Russian market is currently closed, and Belarusian is less capacious, the experts expect that in next six month there will no active cars import by individuals from Europe. «Citizens’ needs will affect volumes of cars import. Nobody will bring a car to sell it at a loss after that», the chairman of BAA explained.