Thunderstorm is Possible on Independence Day in Minsk, Weather Forecasters

02.07.2010 15:58
Архив Редакция

According to the specialists of the National hydro meteorological center, on Independence Day, July 3, in Minsk there expected cloudy weather with clearings. "Showers, possible thunderstorm are in the afternoon. The wind is northern moderate, gusty when thunderstorms. Air temperature at night is +13 .. +15 ° C, +22 .. +24 ° C during the day", meteorologists reported.

«On Saturday, July 3, weather conditions in Belarus will be formed by frontal section, just north-western part of the country will be in the region of high atmospheric pressure. At night, mainly in the east of the country, in the afternoon in Gomel, Mogilev, some places of Minsk, Vitebsk and Brest regions there will be showers, in certain places with thunderstorms», Belhydrometcenter reports.

«The wind is northern moderate, gusty when thunderstorms. Air temperature at night is +10 .. +17 ° C, +21 .. +27 ° C in the afternoon. Temperature background will be close to climatic norm, 1-2 degrees higher in some areas», reads the weather forecast.

On Sunday, July 4, the influence of slow-moving atmospheric front to continue, the weather of northern areas of the country will be determined by the crest of anticyclone centered over Leningrad region. Belhyidromet experts predict short-term thunderstorms in some places. The wind is of eastern quarter moderate, gusty when thunderstorms. Air temperatures at night are +13 .. +18 ° C, +20 .. +27 ° C in the afternoon, meteorologists told.

«On Monday, July 5, the activity of frontal section will decrease. Showers with thunderstorms are expected in some districts of the country. Thermometers to show +13 .. +18 ° C at night, the air warms up to +24 .. +29 ° C in the afternoon», reads the report of experts.