Thermometer Rises up to +37 at the Weekend

21.07.2010 17:13
Архив Редакция

This weekend, July 24 and 25, in Belarus, in some districts of the country the thermometer can rise up to +37 degrees. It was reported by the chief meteorologist of Republican hydro meteorological center, Olga Fedotova. "Another wave of hot subtropical air reaches the borders of our country. Especially high temperatures are expected in the south-east of Belarus", the expert said.

«In general, temperature background on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Belarus may reach +30-34 degrees, and in the south-east, in Gomel region 37 degrees are possible», European Radio for Belarus quotes Olga Fedotova.

According to the chief weather forecaster of Belhydromet, the hottest weather this year in Belarus was on July 18, when the thermometer was close to +35.

August in Belarus is not expected as extremely hot as July, Belhydromet

According to the preliminary forecast, August will be 2-3 degrees cooler then July, Olga Fedotova reported. «Air temperature during the day is expected within +20-27 degrees. The amount of precipitation will be close to average long-term values», the specialist said, BelTA informs.

«The forecast for the month is not always accurate, and usually it assumes the deviation of air temperature from the norm by 1-2 degrees. Permanently changing airflows, which mainly influence weather change, make their amendments. Therefore, weather forecasts for three days and a week are more accurate», Olga Fedotova explained.