The West Not to Risk Its Relations with Russia for the Sake of Belarus, Miller

29.07.2010 16:15
Архив Редакция

Minsk confrontation to Moscow's policy will not help the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, to change his image of dictator in the West. It was stated on July 28 in Warsaw by former Prime Minister of Poland, the representative of Democratic Left Alliance Leszek Miller. Ex-Prime Minister of Poland considers that the West will not risk its relations with Russia for the sake of Belarus.

«The EU understands that this is a situational policy, therefore, it will not support such a partner», former Polish prime minister said, IA REGNUM-Belarus informs.

According to Leszek Miller, even if Moscow attempts to remove Lukashenko, the EU is likely just to watch what happens between Moscow and Minsk. «If there is more open candidate and more democratic leader, let it be. But there is no guarantee that more democratic politician comes after Lukashenko», Polish politician said.