The Police Disperses a Rally in Honor of 20th Anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty

28.07.2010 10:42
Архив Редакция

On July 27, police officers dispersed an opposition rally, timed to the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of independence of Belarus. Four protesters were detained. They were taken to detention center on Okrestina street. The detainees are accused under article 17.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences - disorderly conduct. The trials will be held on July 28.

On Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk, there gathered from 30 to 50 people. At 18:05 near the monument to the poet, young people began to read poems in Belarusian. At this time, a policeman in civilian clothes came up to them and warned that the rally is illegal, the press service of the organizing committee on creation of Belarusian Christian Democracy Party informs.

Laying flowers at the monument to Yakub Kolas, oppositionists went to monuments in honor of Yanka Kupala and Maxim Bogdanovich, where they were also going to lay flowers and read poems. But police blocked them.

At the exit from Yakub Kolas Square, police officers tried to detain the deputy chairman of the BPF, Grigory Kostusev, but the gathered did not let them do it. Then the police used force to detain four oppositionists: leader of Razam (Together) solidarity movement, Vyacheslav Sivchik, as well as activists Nikolai Demidenko, Andrei Kim and Ekaterina Davydik, BelaPAN informs.

As representative of the BCD, Valeriya Chernomortsova, stated, «Andrei Kim was being dragged on the asphalt during the arrest, he had his elbows in blood». The detainees were placed in police car and taken to Sovetskoe police department, being transported to Okrestina after that, the oppositionist reported.

Furthermore, in the afternoon on July 27, opposition members laid flowers on the graves of the deputies, who adopted the Declaration of independence of Belarus in 1990, as well as of famous public and political figures, who took part in the revival of state sovereignty of the country, informs.

The rally was attended by former MPs, Lyavon Barshcheusky and Lyavon Dzeika, poet Henadz Buraukin, chairman of Rada of Belarusian intelligentsia, Vladimir Kolos, Vyacheslav Sivchik, chairman of the BPF, Alexei Yanukevich, his deputy, Grigory Kostusev, and others.

The opposition laid flowers and set icon lamp at the graves of national writer of Belarus, Vasil Bykov, MPs of the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation, Gennady Karpenko, Vasily Sholodonov, Igor Germenchuk, Dmitry Bulakhov, photographer, Vladimir Kormilkin, Belarusian poet, active member of the BPF, Artur Volsky, the artist, Evgeny Kulik, and others.