The Channel of Drugs Delivery from Russia Blocked In Minsk

29.07.2010 13:41
Архив Редакция

At night, on July 27, in Minsk near the house № 2 on Kirova Street, officers from the department of drug control and combating human trafficking of the Interior Ministry blocked the channel of psychotropic substances delivery from Russia. It was reported in the department of information and public relations of the MIA.

During the operation, held by police officers of Zavodskoy district police department and soldiers of special militia regiment of Minsk city police department, there were detained two Minsk residents, directly engaged in transportation and distribution of narcotic substances in Belarus.

The young people had 397 grams of highly dangerous psychotropic substance — para- methylephedron. These drugs were illegally brought by the criminals from Moscow in packaged one gram bags with the name «Sex Jam». Being searched, the men were also seized about ten thousand dollars and more than one thousand euro.

MIA offices found that the detainees were engaged in drug trafficking in the past. At present, there initiated a criminal case under part 3 article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (illegal trafficking of narcotic substances, psychotropic substances and precursors) against them.

The young people face up to 13 years’ imprisonment with confiscation of property. At the time, there are operational-investigative actions to establish possible accomplices.
According to MIA, in Belarus, para-methylephedron was listed as controlled substance in April 2010. Its illegal trafficking provides criminal penalty.