Temperature Records Are Beaten in Minsk, Mogilev and Gomel

19.07.2010 11:29
Архив Редакция

Sunday, July 18, became the hottest day of this summer in Belarus. The maximum temperature reached +31-34 ° C, and in Gomel region and in some places of Brest region - 35-36 degrees. The highest temperature - +35.6 ° C was recorded at meteorological stations "Oktyabr" and "Vasilevichi" in Gomel region. At the same time, in Gomel, Minsk and Mogilev there were beaten temperature records.

In other regional centers of Belarus, the records were not beaten. In general in the country, the maximum air temperature in every center of population was 30 degrees and more. However, the absolute record of the day +36,7 ° C, established in 2007 in Lelchitsy, Gomel region, was not beaten, BelaPAN informs.

In Minsk, the record of the day was +32.9 ° C. The previous record, equal to +31.6 ° C, was established this day in 2007. The absolute temperature record for July to Minsk was registered in 1936. It is +35 ° C, and thus it was not beaten yet, chief meteorologist of Republican hydrometcenter, Olga Fedotova, reported, BelTA informs.

In Mogilev, temperature maximum was exceeded even on July 17. Then, the air in the city warmed up +32.7 ° C. The previous temperature record in Mogilev was established in 1951 and amounted to +32.1 degrees.

Also on July 17, temperature record was broken in Gomel. Here, the air warmed up to +35 degrees, 1.8 degrees exceeding the previous maximum of the day, set in 2001.