Supreme Court Does not Allow to Organize Autoreferendum in Belarus

09.07.2010 14:18
Архив Редакция

Judge of the Supreme Court, Galina Zhukovskaya, supported the decision of the CEC not to register initiative group to organize referendum on cars import duties on the grounds that the issue, planned to be submitted to referendum, does not stipulate clear answer. In this regard, The Supreme Court of Belarus rejected a complaint of unregistered initiative group.

As Telegraf previously reported, after signing an agreement on the establishment of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, BPF party began to form an initiative group to hold republican referendum against the increase of import duties on cars.

However, on May 20, the CEC refused to register this initiative group on the grounds that Ministry of Justice and General Prosecutor’s Office considered as faulty the wording of the question submitted to referendum: «Do you support the maintenance of customs duties’ amount on import of cars of foreign production into the Republic of Belarus at the level of November 26, 2009?»