Police Officers Levies Distress on the Property of the Leader of the Informal Union of Poles in Belarus

07.04.2010 10:48
Архив Редакция

The bailiffs came to the apartment of the leader of the informal Union of Poles in Belarus (UPB) Andzelika Borys to levy distress on her property. The Press Secretary of the UPB Igor Bancer informed, that they levied distress on the stereo system, the microwave oven, the computer, the stationary phone, the TV set, the new (not inserted) double-glazed window. Bailiffs said, that they would take them out.

The head of the firm Polonika Andzelika Borys was fined on 4,2 million roubles. The firm has 122 million roubles of penalties. The Union of Poles led by Andzelika Borys carried out the activity through the given organization.

The Belarusian authorities refuse to register the firm. Firm was punished for receiving money from Poland for the cultural-educational activity. The court considers that the money are taxable as the humanitarian help, the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty informs.

«I am the director of the Polonika firm which organizes the courses of the Polish language. We are accused that we illegally are engaged in humanitarian activity. And it’s in spite of the fact that we have paid all taxes. We are imposed the unprecedented penalty», Andzelika Borys declared earlier.

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