NTV to Show "Godbatska-2" TV Story

16.07.2010 10:44
Архив Редакция

On July 16, at 19.30 of Moscow time (18.30 Minsk time), Russian NTV channel will show the continuation of "Godbatska" TV story in a special edition of "Emergency. The investigation". "What else do you want to know about Lukashenko, but were afraid to ask?!", says the ad video clip announcing the second episode of scandalous movie.

In Belarus, the movie will be available only for the owners of satellite TV, as «Godbatska-2» is not included in the program of NTV-Belarus broadcast.

The demonstration of the first movie, discrediting Belarusian president in the eyes of the public, had ambiguous reaction as in Belarus so and in Russia. The famous Russian historian, Roy Medvedev, named NTV movie’s show as «criminal action», Nakanune.ru informs.

«It has got a slander, and the one could apply to the court on the fact. At least, Moscow Mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, sues newspapers and TV stations on less important reasons and wins lawsuits, but I think that Alexander Lukashenko will not sue NTV», the historian expressed his opinion.

As Telegraf reported, on July 4, Russian NTV channel showed a film entitled «Godbatska», in which Belarusian authorities are accused of complicity in murders of several their political opponents: Gennady Karpenko, Yury Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Dmitry Zavadsky and Anatoly Krasovsky in late 1990 — early 2000’s. In response, the official Minsk accused Russian TV channels in defaming the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.