No Entry to Belarusian Internet Cafes without Passport

02.07.2010 10:23
Архив Редакция

From July 1 of this year, visitors of Internet cafes, who want use the World Wide Web must present a passport or identity document. The identification of users is stipulated by presidential decree № 60 "On measures to improve national segment of Internet", which came into force at the beginning of this month.

Many people have said recently that situation not to reach the point of entering Internet with a passport. State newspapers even called such information as the most important canard, which did not correspond to reality, European Radio for Belarus informs.

However, in the morning of July 1, many visitors of Internet cafes, who did not have personal identity documents, faced with a problem — they were denied to access Internet.

All the users are registered in electronic system. Personal data is copied from passport or other document with a photograph, Belarusian Internet operators are required to keep this information within a year. And law enforcement authorities have a right to request information about the traffic of people of their interest.

Cards for wireless Wi-Fi access points from July 1 will be also sold only when presented a passport or identity document.

«The card number along with your name is put in the system, and if you use it to enter the net — where it’s necessary to know, they already know that it is you», an employee of one of Internet cafes reported to the edition.

According to the owners of private internet cafes, this innovation has already caused the outflow of visitors. They fear that the situation with customers can only get worse.