Navapolatsk Teenagers Sentenced for Murder of a Vagabond to Ten Years

07.04.2010 13:13
Архив Редакция

The Vitsebsk provincial court sentenced to two teenagers who killed a vagabond near the garages in Navapolatsk December 3, 2009. Two senior children from this company are sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. they are to serve the punishment in a work ethic camp for minors.

Two junior children were just 11-year-old at the moment of committing the crime, therefore they are not criminally liable. Police officers consider that they can kept in a specialised institution, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belorusii informs.

In December 2009 four boys for fun beat the 47-year-old vagabond with whom they had got acquainted in a workshop in the garage of a sociable motorist.

The police officers emphasized, that the collector of bottles didn’t disturb to anybody, guys simply decided to be trained on him. «They tried to beat effectively, like «in a movie». When they understood that they had beaten the man to death, they were frightened and tried to do him artificial respiration», law enforcement officers said.

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