Nasha Niva to Apply to the Prosecutor's Office because of Newspaper's Non-Receipt for Sale

09.07.2010 13:41
Архив Редакция

Non-governmental Belarusian-language newspaper Nasha Niva prepares an appeal to the prosecutor's office in connection with the non-receipt of most part of the 25th issue of the newspaper for sale in Belsouzpechat kiosks on Thursday, July 7. "If the case goes to the court, we will address our readers, who have not managed to buy 25th issue in kiosks, to confirm this in statements for the court", reported in the newspaper.

At the same time, newspaper’s staff, referring to the readers, hopes for their civil solidarity, reads the statement posted on Nasha Niva website.

As Telegraf already reported, in the 25th issue of the newspaper on the front page there was published material, which describes the situation with the Customs Union, NTV story «The Godfather» («Krestny Batska») and Belarusian authorities reaction.

«Usually NN is available for sale in Minsk on Wednesday in the afternoon, in regions — on Thursday morning. The newspaper appeared in kiosks neither on Wednesday nor on Thursday. Although on Wednesday, the newspaper was published at the press, at 08:00. And subscribers got it, as usual», the newspaper employees said.