MP's Pension is Five Times Higher Than the Average in Belarus, Abramova

01.04.2010 13:28
Архив Редакция

Former deputy of the House of Representatives, Olga Abramova, noted that her pension is five times higher than the average. According to the ex-MP, the pension — she gets — is 2.358 million rubles. At the time, the average pension in Belarus today is 449 thousand rubles.

The average pension in the past year amounted to 429.5 thousand, which, in real terms, by 0.2% more than in 2008. In dollar terms, the average pension in Russia amounted to 204, in Ukraine — 129, Belarus — 150.

As Telegraf previously reported, Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Marianna Shchetkina, January 29, at the board meeting of the Ministry, reported that the average old-age pension will be about 507 thousand rubles in 2010.

«Meanwhile, the growth of pensions will be determined by wage growth and capacities of economy. This year, we’ll continue to monitor the level of pension ensuring and take the necessary measures for its improvement», the minister said.

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