Milinkevich Is "Ready And Willing" To Run For Presidency

18.03.2010 16:04
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The leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich expressed readiness to participate in the presidential elections in Belarus in 2011. According to the politician, his final decision on participation in elections he will report later. "I don't think it is very important as early as possible to say that you are going for elections. I can say that I am ready and I want to. But I will say in May, will I run or not" — said Alexander Milinkevich.

The leader of the Movement «For Freedom» also commented on Andrei Sannikov’s, who is also going to run for presidency, statement  that EU should admit mistake its current policy towards Belarus, «Nasha Niva» informs.

«I believe that EU policy is not wrong, but ineffective, — said Alexander Milinkevich. — I do not see a positive alternative to today’s dialogue. And if someone says that the dialogue must be stopped, I would like to hear what policies he would propose. It is necessary to improve dialogue and search tools to make the authorities take steps to liberalization.

According to policy, » we have to look for new, more efficient ways of cooperation in matters of independence. »  «Authorities will not fight for independence. Authorities would fight only for the power. Now, perhaps, a threat of loss of political independence is not big , but there is a danger of loss of economic independence», — says Alexander Milinkevich.

The leader of the Movement «For Freedom» confident that «without economic security, there will be no political independence, no human rights, no Belarusian language».

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