Lukashenko's Political Life Can Come to End, CPRF

19.07.2010 11:50
Архив Редакция

Some Russian politicians have shown discontent concerning the interview of the Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili to the Belarusian TV. "If the president of Belarus continues to support the Georgian dictator he will follow the road of the end of his political life", Nikolay Kharitonov, the first deputy of the chairman of committee of the State Duma of Russia on agrarian questions, member of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, stated.

In spite of the fact that Nikolay Kharitonov said, that he would continue to respect Lukashenko as «the statesman who protects interests of the economy, the manufacturers», the politician «would warn Alexander Grigorevich against sharp and unfriendly steps concerning Russia», «Belarusian news» inform.

The MP also noticed that Russia shouldn’t interfere with the election campaign of the Belarus president in 2011. «We have no right to interfere with internal affairs of the sovereign state. Let the Belarusian people to make their choice themselves», Nikolay Kharitonov said.

In turn, Valery Zubov, the committee-man of the State Duma on economic policy and entrepreneurship, member of «Just Russia» fraction, said that the policy of the Belarusian president concerning Russia was «extremely hypocritical».

«All his first statements about the friendship with Russia were necessary only for creation of his own political career», Valery Zubov stated. «I have always suspected the Belarusian leader of dishonest game. As a result of this dishonest game we have received such political myth as the Union State of Russia and Belarus», the Russian politician amplified.

According to Valery Zubov, Russia should carry out «hard line of consecutive upholding of the interests» in relations with Belarus. Besides, the MP is assured that Russia shouldn’t support the present head of Belarus on the future presidential election in the country.

Thus Valery Zubov expressed opinion that Russians don’t need to show aversion of Alexander Lukashenko publicly. «We should look with advantage and haughtily at those or other attacks on our state», the MP emphasized. According to Valery Zubov, «Russia should try to be attractive to those politicians who have the power in other countries today».