Leader of "Greens" Decided to Unite Belarusian Opposition

13.07.2010 12:15
Архив Редакция

The Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Party of Greens Yuri Glushakov intends to unite the Belarus opposition by means of negotiations. The politician prepared some personal messages to each presidential nominee. Yuri Glushakov addressed the first letter to Yaroslav Romanchuk, representative of the United Civil Party.

The Deputy Chairman of the «greens» stated that Belarus was «on the eve of serious changes», but nothing would change, if the opposition failed to unite the forces, «Belarusian partisan» informs.

«It is necessary to overcome dissociation in democratic camp. Unity is the victory pledge. We hope that leaders of democratic opposition of Belarus can overcome present dissociation and develop the mechanism of definition of the single candidate from the democratic forces, considering interests of everyone», Yuri Glushakov said.

The politician proposed to organize a joint meeting of the nominees with the democratic activists of Homel and Homel Voblast in the second half of July this year. In Yuri Glushakov’s opinion, the local oppositional organizations are the most consolidated in necessity of the single candidate election. They refuse to work for any not single candidate.

As Telegraf informed, at a press conference in Minsk on May, 31th, Belarusian Party of Greens put forward Yuri Glushakov as its candidate for presidency. Moreover, before his nomination the potential candidate said that the reason of «today’s democratic movement failures» is «incorrect assessment of the situation (by opposition)».