KGB Found Large Ammunition Storehouse near Mstsislaw

02.07.2010 11:18
Архив Редакция

The KGB officers of Mahilyow Voblast found a storehouse of World War II ammunition near the village Pechkavichy of Mstsislaw Raion. There were 54 mortar bombs of 82 mm calibre and three artillery detonators which gross weight in TNT equivalent was more than 25 kg.

The engineering and pyrotechnic group destroyed the dangerous find on a special range. The KGB officers of Mahilyow Voblast are finding out the persons, involved in storehouse creation, BelTA informs.

According to article 295 of the Criminal code of Belarus the punishment for «illegal actions concerning fire-arms, ammunition and explosives» can reach 12 years of imprisonment.

The KGB officers said, that «even such punishment is not always a deterrent for some citizens who are engaged in illegal excavation in the places of World War II fights».

According to the officers, the found weapon and ammunition is quite often used not only for illegal fishing or sale in private collections, but also in the criminal purposes.

Also the KGB officers reminded that according to the criminal legislation, the persons who took voluntary the weapon, ammunition and explosives to the police, were exonerated from the criminal liability.