Ideologists Ban to Print the Leaflets of Our Candidates, Belarusian Christian Democracy

09.04.2010 12:01
Архив Редакция

Zmitser Shurkhay, who is the co-ordinator of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) in the Brest Voblast and the member of the team of the Brest regional parliamentary candidate Aliaksandar Kuzniatsou, informed that the ideologists of the Brest regional executive committee banned the printing house "Artline" to print the leaflets of Aliaksandar Kuzniatsou. "We are going to address our complaints to the Public Prosecutor and to print the leaflets in the other printing house", Zmitser Shurkhay said.

April, 8th, the local printing house has refused to print a propaganda leaflet of Aliaksandar Kuzniatsou, who is also a member of initiative group on creation the BCD party.

«The representatives of the regional election committee told us that they would provide money for printing only after we endorse the leaflets with the department of ideological work of the district executive committee. We came to them and said that it wasn’t their business to study the leaflets. Then the chairman of the ideological department Liudmila Lemekh told us that she is not agree, however we could go and print, since it was our right», — has noted Dmitry Shurhaj, «European radio for Belarus» broadcasts the words of Zmitser Shurkhay.

«Before we arrived to the printing house, somebody phoned the director. We heard that the conversation was about us and our candidate», the member of a team of the candidate said.

Then, according to Zmitser Shurkhay, the director informed that «Liudmila Lemekh from the ideological department phoned him and banned to print the leaflets».

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